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Friday, December 21, 2012

GBPUSD - Double Top

 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

GBPUSD - Double Top

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Silver Trade 13-Dec-2012

 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

Silver Trading Setup 

- After last three day's Silver breakout is bullish
- It looks like it will continue bullish trend till 34.00
- Lets see how it goes. 
Silver Trade - CopyRight 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct - 30 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

GBPCAD - is going as per plan
AUDJPY - Sell Limit is yet to trigger

Oct - 30 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

EUR GBP - Bullish move , Three Rising Star, Head and Shoulder Pattern
Forex Trading In India

EURAUD - Daily Doulble top , Can we call it & will it test to the downtrend trading line and reverse to go Bearish :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Octomber 2012 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

Octomber 2012 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

- Monthly : It is kind of Hammer, Spinning top, Still Bullish Trend, Monday's closer is Important
- Weekly : Going with the Range of previous Oct 1st week candle, Bullish Trend
- Daily : Terrific fight between Bulls and Bear in this week, Classical rejectoin at daily trading line.
*****  I am expecting bullish trend here onwards, If it crosses daily trading line successfully then we can think of Down trend.  Enter with small stop loss for Long position is a good deal & putting a reverse sell order with double lot position :)

Forex Trading In India

2> USD/CHF *****
- Monthly : Monthly going bullish, rejection to go beyond the trading line, expected to go bullish here onwards
- Weekly : Going through the channel uptrend, touched the bottom line and now Bullish engulfing, now expected to go bullish here onwards. 
- Daily - Put a buy order above the friday's pin bar.

3> USD/CAD -
- Monthly : Bullish and expected to go bullish.
- Weekly : After bullish serge, it looks like consolidation here onwards.
- Daily :It is bullish and consolidation I am expecting some retrace move before enterning into the trend. or for bullish trend - Need to look for candle closer above 1.000 level

4> NZD/USD ***
- Monthly : Touched the previous down trend line and now it is going down, but still there is push from downward to enter into the Long trade.
- Weekly : Bullish engulfing and now expected to maintain bullish here onwards.
- Daily : Sell right here Keeping the reverse order just above it.

5> AUD/USD ***
- Monthly : now ping bar - Dragonfly DOJi. 
- Weekly : Bullish three white soilders
- Daily : Rejection to previous downword bar & now going ip
*** Wait for monday closer As I think it will be with the rang efor coming week, looking for some pattern/candlestick formation- confirmation to decide UP trend.

6> GBP/JPY ****
- Monthly : Going through the Triangle shape, touched the above trading line and now going downward. Bearish.
- Weekly : UP trend is rejected from the down trend line.
- Daily : It is bearish engulfing - expected to continue bearish here onward.

7> EUR/JPY *****
- Monthly : Downtrend - and expected to continue downtrend.
- Weekly : Classical pin bar. Downtrend is high probable.
- Daily : It is bearish engulfing - expected to continue bearish here onward.
-  H4 : Head and shoulder pattern. *****

8> AUD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Going Bullish, With in range just below the previous resistance level 83.22
- Weekly : Rectangle Shape, Going with range - couldn't break it last time. & now it is expected to touch the bottom line of reactange.
- Daily : Bearish Engulfing. A very Good Trading Setup to enter into *****

9> NZD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Going Bullish Ascending Triangle, expected to touch the upper line - 68.70
- Weekly : Bullish going up
- Daily : Buy and hold till 66.50

10> USD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Bullish trend.
- Weekly :Bullish trend & now rejection to go bullish.
- Daily : Bearish Engulfing & now expected to go bearish
***** Daily - Wait for retrace and GO - Boom Boom

11> EUR/NZD *****
- Monthly : Bullish, Touched the upper treadline of down trend now it is a question? Will it continue bearish or go bullish again.
- Weekly : Bearish Engulfing and now expected to go bearish here onwards.
- Daily *** : Wait for the bullish pattern, retrace move make a decision based on the daily trading line and go

12 > GBP/AUD *****
- Monthly : Doji, expecting Bearish
- Weekly : Bearish going with in the triange, bearish harami expected to go bearish here onwards. 
- Daily : expected to go bearish.

13> SILVER *****
- Monthly :  Looks Bearish Harami
- Weekly : Bearish Move.
- Daily : Downtrend, Now last two days bullish just touching to the down trend line.

14> NZD/CAD *****
- Monthly : Going with the triangle Bullish
- Weekly : Bullish achieved the target @ 0.8200  expected retrace.
- Daily : ***** Expected to consolidate here & then go Bullish

15> GBP/USD *****
- Monthly : Going with the triangle Bullish, expected to go bullish
- Weekly : tough fight may be a retrace move & here onwards Bullish
- Daily : ***** Going through the channel - Down trend, look for the bullish setup and enter

16> EUR/GBP *****
Daily : bullish pin bar
Weekly : Mostly looks bullish after bearish engulfing
Monthly : Going Down

Daily:  Doulbe top - wait for retest and enter for Short trend -- keep hold on sell signal
Weekly:  With in Bullish candle, now goign bearish and expected to continue bearish trend.
Monthly: Last month was Hammer, Shooting Start - expected bearish. This month is still bullish

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Octomber 3rd week statement analysis

Any Improvement
- Yes, compare to last month trading .. now hastiness is reduced. 
- Started maintaining the Trading Journal 
- Every day Forex trading commentary is useful
- Will continue with it. 
- Time constrain, the beauty of international forex trading is u can multiply your time by using the concept of Post orders :)
- And secondly time constrain can be removed by knowing that only 2-3 trading setups are good enough to get weekly profit

-  From the previous week working on and the book Pshyco-cebernetics helped to build Self Image. 
1. Need to change mind set - "Whenever trading with higher risk - I am always taking the losses" to
=>Always => Sometime => Seldom => No more
2. Need to change mind set - "I am not getting enough time for trading" to
=>I have sufficient time for Trading to get the Expected Result in Stipulated time

- Focus on 2-3 pairs is sufficient.. But Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Must Do 
- Inculcate habit of writing Trading Journal for every Trade - Must Do
- Inculcate habit of sharing the trading setup on daily basis :) Must do
- let the whole word knows what you think on it.
- Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Thanks - Lets Get tuned my self into the trading and keep moving Forward ... :) 

Last Week Account Statments -I 

Last Week Account Statments -II

Monday, October 15, 2012

Useful Tools Forex Trading Tools

1> Forex Economic news Calendar
     -- http://www.candleforex.com/ff/fxnewsalert.zip
    -- Download and install it

2>  Forex Daily Commentry
      Price Action analysis
--- Looks very good
---  http://www.youtube.com/user/FXEmpirecom


3> Nail Muller forex analyis

4> Margin Money Calculator 
The way it is calculated is described in above link

Trader Calculator:
On this page you can find formulae for calculating the value of one pip. The value of a pip is calculated on the basis of the current rate of a given currency pair.
Note that 1 InstaForex lot is 10000 USD.
Please find below a formula to calculate the value of one pip for currency pairs and CFDs :
Calculation of 1 pip value:
p.v. =1 * (trade volume)
     p.v. = 1/(USD/XXX) * (trade volume)
     p.v. =(AAA/USD)/ (AAA/BBB) * (trade volume)
Thanking You !!
Avinash Sawant

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sep 3rd Week Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

18-Oct-2012 => Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

Yesterday - 
USDJPY - played a brilliant role just came near to my stop loss and then again took the up trend. Due to fear of losing money I kept  my target at the entry point & God survives me ---- It was major risk of 30$ i.e. 4%
GBPUSD - It was expected to go bullish - didn't happen - started down trend from the entry point and hit the stop loss 10$

NZDUSD - After so many pinbars in last few days  nice bullish engulfing pattern I m in for this

EURUSD - Bullish continuation - looks like now reverse/retrace move
USDCAD - Daily Berish Engulfing bar - covering previous 5 candles
AUDUSD - Super Duper  Bullish breakout from the previous level, Sorry I couldn't be part of it - Missed the rally, due to unexpected trade on USDJPY
GBPJPY - Classical - 5 days uptrend, after morning star signal :) Sorry I missed the rally
EURJPY - Classical Triangle Breakout 6 days continuous uptrend :) Sorry I missed the rally
AUDJPY - Classical UP trend of 5 days after pin bar setup last week :) sorry  I missed the rally

Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary
-  All the Pin Bars results in Bullish push EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD,
-  EURJPY - classical triangle break out
-  EURNZD - Most awaited classical bullish break out
- NZDCAD - Triangle Breakout
- EURGBP - Classical Triangle Break out -(Cup and Handle Shape)
- EURAUD continuation of Bullish trend,
- Silver - is in retrace mode - No special movement 

- Lot many pairs has bullish trend .. we can Buy limt @ 50% of bullish
-  Mistakenly buy on usdjpy
-  Expecting GBPUSD - Go bullish here onward

Yesterday -

Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

AUDUSD & Silver --- Went as per expectations.

- Didn't find any good trading setup 
-  EURJPY - Daily Near to Triangle Breakout -- Will wait for 2nd swing take out and then put the buy limit
- Silver -  I m looking for downtrend continuation. Will it continue to  ~31.40 mark.. untested level??  - 
- lot many pairs has pin bars on daily chart (like as - EURUSD, USDCHF, NZDUSD,  AUDUSD), but these are with in range - Does it has any importance?
- Lets wait for evening :) or today to get some Good Trading Setups 

Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

- after Monday to Thursday uptrend - Friday Bearish Engulfing
-  Now expected to toch the previous support level (1.0150)and then if it breaks there will a stong down fall

- Similar to Morning Star
- We can expect uptrend  till the previous high

- Can be traded on H4 chart for Buy & putting a reverse order to sell?

- buy? - Need to wait for previous high level
- I m In for Buy - early  entry -

- Sell Opportunity
- Daily it looks Like Double Top

- Buy - Wait for consolidation and trade of Long

- Buy Signal
- Monrining Star

- Buy Signal

- Morning Star

- Daily Triangle formation.
- Now Buy on H4 chart above the evening star kind of pattern
- And also Sell from this position to the lower end ends of triangle of the EUR/JPY
- Look for the selling opportunity

- Buy ?

GBPCAD ******
- Buy opportunity

- sell opportunity
- consolidating daily market

Friday, October 12, 2012

Octomber 2nd week forex trading results

Nothing Great happened this week ... Whatever gain = Losses
Couldn't maintain the profit :(

- Need to change mind set - "Whenever trading with higher risk - I am always taking the losses" to
=>Always => Sometime => Seldom => No more

- Need to change mind set - "I am not getting enough time for trading" to
=>I have sufficient time for Trading to get the Expected Result in Stipulated time

- Focus on 2-3 pairs is sufficient.. But Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Must Do 
- Inculcate habit of writing Trading Journal for every Trade - Must Do
- Inculcate habit of sharing the trading setup on daily basis :) Must do
- let the whole word knows what you think on it.
- Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Thanks - Lets Get tuned my self into the trading and keep moving.forward ... :) 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

OCt 2nd Week Technical Analysis

Monthly - Downtrend tread line break-out,expected to stay bullish till the above tradeline
Weekly - Rejection to go below we can put trade on both side - I am expecting Bullish Here onwards
Daily -
Wait for H4 candle close -

Buy at - 1.6130 Target-1 - 1.6300 Target-2 ~ 1.6414  SL 1.6060
we can put a reverse order at 1.6060 Sell at 1.6060 Target 1.5915 SL - 1.6143

Daily Ranging With the Rectangle
- I am expecting a bullish here onwards till the top of rectangle
- Buy @ 80.30 Target 83.00 SL 79.40

Monthly -  High wave candles in last 2-3 months- previous is bullish piercing pattern expected to continue bullish
Weekly - Rangning with in 80.00 -83.00

- Expected to Go Bullish
- As close is ab above round number 1.5900 & crossed the previous resistance successfully
- Buy @ 1.5900 target 1st 1.5600

Saturday, October 6, 2012

OCt First Week Statment

Last month last week - I Was traded with high risk considering Best trading Setups .. but that did not result into good output .. as it just got reversed after 1st target hit .. while I was waiting for some predefined target in mind :) :)  and hit the stop losses

So learning was -
Best Trading Setup will not always convert into best trading results :) or predefined targets -- Need to move SL To break even point ASAP or take out profit at 1st target either partially or fully.

This Week
- Going Good  :)  Yet lot many things to implement !!

Attached file contains this week trading.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Last Week Trading Setup ForextradinginIndiaIndia

GBP/USD    ~  200 pips move
Weekly Rejection to previous tops Pin Bar formation- looks like strong Bearish here onward
Monthly - Ranging with in a triangle, looks like bullish move will continue to test the upper trade line
Daily - Could Not succeed to maintain the previous bullish trend - Last week was consolidation and here onward we can expect retrace for at least 1.6000

EUR/USD   1st target ~200 pips next target ~ 340 pips
Weekly -  Inside Bar => Bearish Harami
Monthly - Couldn't maintain the bullish trend - it may be retrace move
Daily - retrace move continuation to touch the 61% of the daily uptrend .. lets see how it goes??

USD indices    ~80pips , ~200pips
- Expected to go bullish - retrace move to touch the uptrend line

GBP/JPY    1st target is very near - will touch to ascending triangle breakout and then go up. RR will be 1:1
Weekly - Doji
Monthly - Bullish - this may be temporary retrace move
Daily - Bearish pin bar - With in a range need to look into it
H4 - AB = CD formation is going to be happen - 

Daily Bearish Pin Bar
Weekly - Channel - Down Trend. still maintains the bullish - while trading daily for bearish move, put the reverse buy order.
Monthly - with in a range - down trend slow

   Wait for Monday's Candle formation and enter 
Weekly Two candle reversal - Bearish Engulfing
Daily -Bullish Pin Bar -- Looks like Previous retrace has taken place and here onward it will move bullish
Monthly - Couldn't succeed to go bullish to previous hight -

-Weekly - looks like reversal

This week was good for me -- I was in a mood to feel the 10% gain & don't take any further risks :) As for me monthly target is achieved
Daily Trades:

IntraDay Trades

------------- Coming week Planned to trade Intra Trades on the same account (Daily ) as moving to real account I am going to maintain only one account for trading purpose.

Best Wishes to You All ... EnjoYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
-- Avinash

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2nd week Trading

Last week was OK OK for me.  But in the market there was lot of happening ...Just like money is flowing in front of me but couldn't grab it :) :) 

Daily Chart ->
On Tuesday traded against the flow (hoping for retrace ) & took losses :(  After that recovered the losses and going good now :)    => Daily Statment http://sdrv.ms/Qjbg6E

Intra Day ->
Yes It is going good, after 1st week set back.   http://sdrv.ms/PkBe7Y 

  Don't trade against the flow of market :(
  Always Study from M1->W1->D1 is required before you put the trade :(
  Keep Eyes open for upcoming news .. that will help to put reverse order 
  Don't Look for so many opportunities at the same time ... One or two trades could be sufficient for weekly profit :)

Coming Week Trading Setups 

Major question ->
  •  After such a strong bullish push, now how the market will retrace & How much 38% or 61% ??

1> AUD/USD  - Pin Bar

2> NZD/USD - Similar to AUD/USD daly Chart Bearsih Pin bar  -- Set up  Reversal Expected

3> USD/JPY - monthly - Doji,  Weekly - bullish pin bar, Daily Bullish engulfing   I will wait for retrace and then go for bullish trend

4> GBP/JPY - M1 - Bullish break out to previous resistance
                      W1 - Ascending triangle break out 
                      D1 - Strong Bullish pattern
       Wait for weekly chart retest to previous resistance or inside bar Pattern  & then tread for UP Trend  

4> AUD/PLN - Weekly Double Top

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


EUR/AUD - Daily


  •  Bearish Engulfing - after 2-3 day's consolidation looks like today it will continue bearish 
  • else wise put a reverse buy stop so that I Will not miss the Bullish trend  -
  •  Lets see how it goes?  


For me  - Expecting retrace or consolidation ?
- I will wait a bit for some retrace move and enter - so that RR ratio will be more than 1:1
- Is there any strong support to Bullish trend?
-  Yesterday  daily candle was inside bar (Bearish Harami) I Was awaiting for 50-60% retrace move but didn't happen :) :) 
- Lets see how it goes?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

USD CAD again Bullish

USD CAD Bullish 

- Again it has came into the bullish form
- I am expecting it to go bullish here onward - at least 300 pips :)

EUR/CHF break Bullish

- Log awaited pattern - Break - Bullish --  Late entry but expected to go bullish here onward

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EURUSD Bearish Pin bar

- Bearish Pin bar 
- Strong rejection to Move upward - 
- Expected to go bearish till near resistance about 1.2400 - 1.2450 & then again bullish 

Result - 
- 1 Target is achieved -- Now it is going bullish
- Yesterday's close is exactly 1.2600
- Looks like here onward it will be bullish at least for ~ 1.2750

One Trade is closed in + ve other one is open

EURAUD .. Doji . Expected bearish

-- looks like it is now a break to the continuous Bullish trend & reversal - retrace is expected
-- Today's candle close is IMP to make the decision 
-- I am expecting it to continue bearish till ~ 1.2190  (Friday's close /gap is untested)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AUG 2012 last week trading setup USDJPY

Monthly - Ascending triangle - expected to go bullish, As after previous bullish Candle other candles (4 months) are inside expected to break bullish +ve

Weekly -
- After bullish engulfing
- Previous week was retrace & now I am expecting to continue bullish

- Ranging with a bearish long bar expected to go bullish and continue bullish at lease 79.10

USDJPY _ Daily
Forex Trading in India Chart Pattern Price Action, Learn forex trading from Forex Guru Anup

USDJPY _ H4 Chart

Forex Trading in India Chart Pattern Price Action, Learn forex trading from Forex Guru Anup

AUG 2012 last week trading setup USDCAD

- Bullish continuation pattern two Up candle formation (will have to wait for this month ), expected this month to be bullish

- Channel - Downtrend -- Bullish engulfing .. expected to go bullish at least to the channel height ~ 1.0000

- Hmmm :) Fakey candle -- real war Still I am expecting it to continue bullish hold hold n hold :)
- Expecting Double Bottom ( W) formation and then bullish continuation

Forex Trading in India Chart Pattern Price Action, Learn forex trading from Forex Guru Anup

AUG 2012 last week trading setup NZD USD


  •  Kind of Triangle formation
  • Piercing pattern last month, last month Bullish pin bar -- expected to continue bullish 0.8300
  • PinBar- Sellers are winning the race
  • Breaking the previous uptrend line
  • Hope that it will continue to be bearish at least of  0.7900
  • Double top formated - retest and GO .. lets see how many pips I can take it from here onwards :)

nzdusd H4 chart - classical formation of Channel break again enters into new channel & again channel break 

Forex Trading in India Chart Pattern Price Action, Learn forex trading from Forex Guru Anup

nzdusd Daily chart
Forex Trading in India Chart Pattern Price Action, Learn forex trading from Forex Guru Anup