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Monday, October 29, 2012

Octomber 2012 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

Octomber 2012 Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

- Monthly : It is kind of Hammer, Spinning top, Still Bullish Trend, Monday's closer is Important
- Weekly : Going with the Range of previous Oct 1st week candle, Bullish Trend
- Daily : Terrific fight between Bulls and Bear in this week, Classical rejectoin at daily trading line.
*****  I am expecting bullish trend here onwards, If it crosses daily trading line successfully then we can think of Down trend.  Enter with small stop loss for Long position is a good deal & putting a reverse sell order with double lot position :)

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2> USD/CHF *****
- Monthly : Monthly going bullish, rejection to go beyond the trading line, expected to go bullish here onwards
- Weekly : Going through the channel uptrend, touched the bottom line and now Bullish engulfing, now expected to go bullish here onwards. 
- Daily - Put a buy order above the friday's pin bar.

3> USD/CAD -
- Monthly : Bullish and expected to go bullish.
- Weekly : After bullish serge, it looks like consolidation here onwards.
- Daily :It is bullish and consolidation I am expecting some retrace move before enterning into the trend. or for bullish trend - Need to look for candle closer above 1.000 level

4> NZD/USD ***
- Monthly : Touched the previous down trend line and now it is going down, but still there is push from downward to enter into the Long trade.
- Weekly : Bullish engulfing and now expected to maintain bullish here onwards.
- Daily : Sell right here Keeping the reverse order just above it.

5> AUD/USD ***
- Monthly : now ping bar - Dragonfly DOJi. 
- Weekly : Bullish three white soilders
- Daily : Rejection to previous downword bar & now going ip
*** Wait for monday closer As I think it will be with the rang efor coming week, looking for some pattern/candlestick formation- confirmation to decide UP trend.

6> GBP/JPY ****
- Monthly : Going through the Triangle shape, touched the above trading line and now going downward. Bearish.
- Weekly : UP trend is rejected from the down trend line.
- Daily : It is bearish engulfing - expected to continue bearish here onward.

7> EUR/JPY *****
- Monthly : Downtrend - and expected to continue downtrend.
- Weekly : Classical pin bar. Downtrend is high probable.
- Daily : It is bearish engulfing - expected to continue bearish here onward.
-  H4 : Head and shoulder pattern. *****

8> AUD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Going Bullish, With in range just below the previous resistance level 83.22
- Weekly : Rectangle Shape, Going with range - couldn't break it last time. & now it is expected to touch the bottom line of reactange.
- Daily : Bearish Engulfing. A very Good Trading Setup to enter into *****

9> NZD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Going Bullish Ascending Triangle, expected to touch the upper line - 68.70
- Weekly : Bullish going up
- Daily : Buy and hold till 66.50

10> USD/JPY *****
- Monthly : Bullish trend.
- Weekly :Bullish trend & now rejection to go bullish.
- Daily : Bearish Engulfing & now expected to go bearish
***** Daily - Wait for retrace and GO - Boom Boom

11> EUR/NZD *****
- Monthly : Bullish, Touched the upper treadline of down trend now it is a question? Will it continue bearish or go bullish again.
- Weekly : Bearish Engulfing and now expected to go bearish here onwards.
- Daily *** : Wait for the bullish pattern, retrace move make a decision based on the daily trading line and go

12 > GBP/AUD *****
- Monthly : Doji, expecting Bearish
- Weekly : Bearish going with in the triange, bearish harami expected to go bearish here onwards. 
- Daily : expected to go bearish.

13> SILVER *****
- Monthly :  Looks Bearish Harami
- Weekly : Bearish Move.
- Daily : Downtrend, Now last two days bullish just touching to the down trend line.

14> NZD/CAD *****
- Monthly : Going with the triangle Bullish
- Weekly : Bullish achieved the target @ 0.8200  expected retrace.
- Daily : ***** Expected to consolidate here & then go Bullish

15> GBP/USD *****
- Monthly : Going with the triangle Bullish, expected to go bullish
- Weekly : tough fight may be a retrace move & here onwards Bullish
- Daily : ***** Going through the channel - Down trend, look for the bullish setup and enter

16> EUR/GBP *****
Daily : bullish pin bar
Weekly : Mostly looks bullish after bearish engulfing
Monthly : Going Down

Daily:  Doulbe top - wait for retest and enter for Short trend -- keep hold on sell signal
Weekly:  With in Bullish candle, now goign bearish and expected to continue bearish trend.
Monthly: Last month was Hammer, Shooting Start - expected bearish. This month is still bullish

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