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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Octomber 3rd week statement analysis

Any Improvement
- Yes, compare to last month trading .. now hastiness is reduced. 
- Started maintaining the Trading Journal 
- Every day Forex trading commentary is useful
- Will continue with it. 
- Time constrain, the beauty of international forex trading is u can multiply your time by using the concept of Post orders :)
- And secondly time constrain can be removed by knowing that only 2-3 trading setups are good enough to get weekly profit

-  From the previous week working on and the book Pshyco-cebernetics helped to build Self Image. 
1. Need to change mind set - "Whenever trading with higher risk - I am always taking the losses" to
=>Always => Sometime => Seldom => No more
2. Need to change mind set - "I am not getting enough time for trading" to
=>I have sufficient time for Trading to get the Expected Result in Stipulated time

- Focus on 2-3 pairs is sufficient.. But Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Must Do 
- Inculcate habit of writing Trading Journal for every Trade - Must Do
- Inculcate habit of sharing the trading setup on daily basis :) Must do
- let the whole word knows what you think on it.
- Please make habit to check daily candle trading setup on every Forex Pair

Thanks - Lets Get tuned my self into the trading and keep moving Forward ... :) 

Last Week Account Statments -I 

Last Week Account Statments -II

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