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Sunday, November 24, 2013

USD INR live chart trading How to tader

For this week trading of USD INR we have created a new post and pasted it at our main web-site link


Also those who are trading on international currency market this week Si

1>  USD/JPY - Bullish trend continuation 
2> EUR/GBP - Bullish engulfing 

3> USD/CAD - Pin Bar very strong setup 

Daily Chart 

Here the move will continue bullish from here onwards OR also it may retrace from 100.50 and stay bullish from then onwards till 103.00
This will be the best trade for this week. what you all say. 

Chart USDINR live chart, D1, 2013.11.24 08:30 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Weekly Chart: It is triangle breakout and surely the next resistance level is 103.77 level. It is expected that USD JPY will stay bullish from here onwards. Chart USDINR live chart, W1, 2013.11.24 08:23 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Monthly Chart: USDJPY Pennant break out - Bullish trend expected to touch 103.72 &then 109.22
Chart USDINR live chart, MN1, 2013.11.24 08:09 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Friday, July 5, 2013

I was on Mission

No more Facebook & no more twitter as I was on mission of becoming successful freedom fighter (online forex Trader). I know you all may have questions why is it so? But let me tell you that since year 2008 I am struggling to make online success and now enough is enough I decided to change my self  to change the end results. Consequently decided to stay away from social sites Facebook/twitter still I get my first target & it worked

Let me start with my introduction, I am an ordinary person just like a common man searching for peace and happiness even though caught in Rat Race.  After completing my masters in Engg & getting job in topnotch IT MNC company realized to become financially successful you must work as a businessman.

My journey started when I entered in Amway business year – 2008. A young ambitious guy who wants to do something extra joined this business to become financially free & for ongoing income source. It was looking everything possible but it in reality was going tougher and challenging to get going in this business. So finally gave up on it. But the inner fire that kindled by this business couldn't stop. I kept searching for new opportunity online/offline.

After lot of struggle and learning so many things online, finally we started with “Forex Trading”. We came across this opportunity through MLM business. The distributor explained us “if you succeed to capture daily 3 pips move you can earn 1% per day so 20% per month is possible, millionaire in 3 years”. I was amazed with this presentation and did my survey to see is it been really true? We found there are people who become financially free using this concept. Finally with lot of hopes & my wife support we started. Again since last 2 years, hopes  trashed & crashed as things was not on tracked.  attitude shaken due to expectations from client and family,  depressed by people opinion. But finally god helped & with the help of forex guru (Anup Fx Trader) we succeed to experience what we want to become.

Started with Indian Currency trading then both Indian & International currency trading, owing franchisee of both, conducted training’s for it. Shaken the confidence again and again, now we are able to stabilize our business & what we were seeing returns on per month is now become reality.

Also started PAMM trading account with the help of guru (Anup Fx Trader) for the Investors assuring 2% returns on per month basis.

This all made possible because you all wonderful friends around me helped me to keep myself going for defined Goal. You all are my inspiration that always kept me boosting up to do something more. It is you realized my strength & supported me to continue on this path.

Thanks for it. Surely I will come up with more detailed blog – what I learned over last few years? And how you can easily adapt that to become successful online trader.

To see my last month forex statement / results register below.

Thanks and Regards,
Avinash Sawant
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

AUD JPY Evening Star Formation on Daily Candlestick pattern & How to trade it

Learn how to trade the International Currency Trading Market?

Classical formation of Candle stick evening formation. I hope you must be enjoying your trading setups and your profits on it. those who are interested and would like to learn easiest way of earning money, please login to our subscription page here @http://forextradehalt.com/f...

Forex Trading In India, How to trade currency Market

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Hi All

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

USD JPY PinBar Forex Trading In India USDINR EURINR JPYINR GBPINR live chart

Forex Trading In India Learn The Easiest way of Earning Money
USDJPY Pin Bar Formation
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See As shown in Diagram USDJPY has formed Pinbar/Hammer, Now high probability is going bullish. Lets see how it goes. Will update it once again after a week time

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

World Wide Timing in Forex trading hours and status

  • Though we consider the Forex Market is Open for 24 hours but it is not really convenient for traders to trade at any time
  • If you see the trading lot volumes of active traders then we can easily realize professional traders are active mostly only at session opening time. 
  • Following figure explains the Four session and their respective Open Close timings 
  • It is really useful and must for a trader to understand the session opening and closer timing and sync with them according to your location time. 
  • Such as for India the time is GMT+5.30  -- So if traders really want to take the benefit of these session trimmings then he has to understand it and practice it accordingly. 
  • With the following figure it is really easy to remember how the session timings. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Forex Trading In India .. Learn the best way to trade in Forex

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Wishing you all a vrey best trading day -- EnjoYYYYY.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AUD/USD D1 chart - Dragonfly Doji

AUD/USD . Expected to go bullish D1 chart dragonfly Doji

The following diagram shows how to trade AUD/USD ?

we were already discussed about pattern formation & see below a very good setup on Candlestick pattern formation.. Doji .. Expected to go bullish here onwards. 

Stay tuned and lets see how takes maximum pips. 

AUDUSD Doji  currency trading in India

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Please Wishing you all a vrey best trading day -- EnjoYYYYY. 

India Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Silver Double Bottom . Expected to go bullish H4 chart

Silver Double Bottom . Expected to go bullish H4 chart

The following diagram shows how to trade silver in forex market?

Because of the forex usability it is easy to trade metals in forex market.  Let us see how it goes from here onwards.

Forex Trading In India
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Please Wishing you all a vrey best trading day -- EnjoYYYYY. 
Avinash Sawant
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Monday, February 25, 2013

USDCAD - Pin bar on H4 Chart

Forex Analysis | Forex Forecast | Forex Commentary
H4 - Dravestone Doji Retrace Move

USDCAD - grave stone doji
  • Traded for retrace move
  • It gave a chance to put reverse order of buy  
You have to look for today's news to decide on continue OR exit from this trade.

Feb 25, 22:45  BoC Governor Mark Carney Speech High Impact
BoC Governor Mark Carney Speech

Mark Carney is the Bank of Canada's chief executive officer, and, as such, has control and full authority over the business of the Bank. As head of the central bank, which controls short term interest rates, he has more influence over the nation's currency value than any other person.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Todays News to Watch For EUR USD move

EUR/USD is consolidated for today's news

Also I have started preparing trading journal will share with you in today's Google hangout @ 11.00pm

All the best wishes to you
Jan 21
21:30Currency: eurEUR Euro-Area Finance Ministers Meet in BrusselsHigh
Avinash Sawant
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