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Sunday, November 24, 2013

USD INR live chart trading How to tader

For this week trading of USD INR we have created a new post and pasted it at our main web-site link


Also those who are trading on international currency market this week Si

1>  USD/JPY - Bullish trend continuation 
2> EUR/GBP - Bullish engulfing 

3> USD/CAD - Pin Bar very strong setup 

Daily Chart 

Here the move will continue bullish from here onwards OR also it may retrace from 100.50 and stay bullish from then onwards till 103.00
This will be the best trade for this week. what you all say. 

Chart USDINR live chart, D1, 2013.11.24 08:30 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Weekly Chart: It is triangle breakout and surely the next resistance level is 103.77 level. It is expected that USD JPY will stay bullish from here onwards. Chart USDINR live chart, W1, 2013.11.24 08:23 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Monthly Chart: USDJPY Pennant break out - Bullish trend expected to touch 103.72 &then 109.22
Chart USDINR live chart, MN1, 2013.11.24 08:09 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Demo

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