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Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2nd week Trading

Last week was OK OK for me.  But in the market there was lot of happening ...Just like money is flowing in front of me but couldn't grab it :) :) 

Daily Chart ->
On Tuesday traded against the flow (hoping for retrace ) & took losses :(  After that recovered the losses and going good now :)    => Daily Statment http://sdrv.ms/Qjbg6E

Intra Day ->
Yes It is going good, after 1st week set back.   http://sdrv.ms/PkBe7Y 

  Don't trade against the flow of market :(
  Always Study from M1->W1->D1 is required before you put the trade :(
  Keep Eyes open for upcoming news .. that will help to put reverse order 
  Don't Look for so many opportunities at the same time ... One or two trades could be sufficient for weekly profit :)

Coming Week Trading Setups 

Major question ->
  •  After such a strong bullish push, now how the market will retrace & How much 38% or 61% ??

1> AUD/USD  - Pin Bar

2> NZD/USD - Similar to AUD/USD daly Chart Bearsih Pin bar  -- Set up  Reversal Expected

3> USD/JPY - monthly - Doji,  Weekly - bullish pin bar, Daily Bullish engulfing   I will wait for retrace and then go for bullish trend

4> GBP/JPY - M1 - Bullish break out to previous resistance
                      W1 - Ascending triangle break out 
                      D1 - Strong Bullish pattern
       Wait for weekly chart retest to previous resistance or inside bar Pattern  & then tread for UP Trend  

4> AUD/PLN - Weekly Double Top

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