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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Live Forex trading for the last week July 2012

Hello All,

Monday – There was lot of happening in the market. One who ever planned – could easily double their money. All expected breakout’s continuing in +ve expected direction.
Tuesday – looks like retrace moves

Anyways – I have only put a single traded this week. And all other are previous trades carried out from last week … So just worked for about 1-2 hours on trading .. Still I am getting very good results JExcited.
If market is working for you as per your plan in spite of your presence nothing like that.  Still lot of learning remaining J  & we will make it for sure.

 -          EURUSD  pattern continuation  + 116 pips
 -          GBPAUD  channel breakout  -39pips
-          GBPUSD  channel breakout    +107pips
 -          GBPJPY  Double Top + 100  (Power of confluence  pattern)

-          USDCHF retrace move  + 49 pips

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