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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Live Forex Trading Learnings !!

I was very -ve (mideset and account balance  )  on Monday. Changed the trading stategy
-          Candle sticks pattern are most appropriate for D1 time frame rather than H4 time frame.
-          Better to trade with very small lot size & once the trend is confirmed increase the lot size – learning.
-          Never every trade before the completion on candle, example H4 if trend is confirmed on formation on next candle – must wait for H4 finish and start of next candle.
-          Automated Tailing stop is not really good for every case.  
   Never every wait for completion of full price pattern take the early entry & keep moving the stop loss. As If we wait for complete pattern formation then the stop loss is very high .. If any fake break out's out - we may loose large money ... I was thinking that pattern formation is 100% guaranteed trade .. but it is not the reality :(

EnjoYYYYYYYY & Have Fun ..
Avinash Sawant

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