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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Naked Forex : The Last Kiss technique

Most Trading Systems will take advantage of either the choppy market or the strong market.  This means the most trading systems will perform exceptionally well during either the choppy market or a trending market, but never in both types of market moods. 

Breakout Strategy 

The breakout strategy involves two phases. The first phase involves waiting for the market to consolidate. A consolidated market becomes very choppy and directionless, the trader waits and watches the market. 

The breakout trader is a patient trader. This strategy is largely based on patience and timing. 

Is it possible to determine when the market ends the directionless phase and begins the strong trending phase?  The Answer is YES

Last-Kiss Trade

The first step of the last kiss trade is to identify the consolidation zone. One way to visualize a consolidation zone is to draw a box on the chart. This box will contain  the choppy movements of the directionless market.  The box should encompass the market movement during the choppy drifting market phase. 

Once the market breaks out beyond a zone, a trade is triggered.

EURJPY Daily Trading Setup


The last-kiss trade is a nice way to trade high-probability breakout trades. Here are the steps for the last-kiss trade

  • Wait for price to consolidate in a box between two zones.
  • The box should have at least two touches on both zones.
  • Wait for price to break beyond one of the zones.
  • Once price returns back to the consolidation box, wait for the market to print a last-kiss candlestick on the edge of the box.
  • For sell trades, a sell stop is placed below the low of the last-kiss candlestick,and for buy trades, a buy stop is placed above the high of the last-kiss candlestick.
  • Emergency stop loss is placed in the midpoint of the consolidation box.
  • The profit target is the nearest zone.

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