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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eid Mubarak & Gift for Eid : Daily Trading Setup 05-July-2016, CADJPY NZDUSD

Hello My Dear Friends,

Today I am not going to trade as market has gave a proper breakouts yesterday & hit out targets. Today I will be careful about the entry points..

Lets see how market responded to our daily trading setups ..,

CADJPY channel Breakout 

CADJPY Channel Breakout

NZDUSD  H4 - Bearish Evening Star and its continuation 

NZDUSD H4 Evening Start formation 

I hope  if you are with us for couple of days you must have learnt Price pattern trading. I wanna ask you

Are you a really profitable Trader ?

Are you really making money on consistent Basis?

The no of hours you spend in watching market, Analysis & then trade Are you happy with these results?

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